Training, Development and Discipleship

We provide spiritual training and development through the Prayer Strategy for the Spheres of Influence across a spectrum of areas to assist individuals and organisations: 

  • Faith Formation Program – a 12-week personal daily journal in three stages (4 weeks per stage) with individual support and mentoring – click here for more details
  • Spiritual Warfare with Kjell Sjoberg – a video program run over 15 weeks from February to May each year – click here for more details – the next program will start in February 2024. 
  • Healing, Inner Healing and Deliverance – a tailored program (best if done one-on-one) for individuals and for marketplace ministries and organisations. 
  • Prayers for The Spheres of Influence – monthly posts and articles on the website at 
  • Research and Updates to Pray for the Spheres of Influence – worldwide research on challenges encountered in the Spheres and approaches used to pray for people and situations in the Spheres through occasional email surveys and articles on the website at (e.g. click here to check the latest research on Challenges Encountered in the Spheres of Influence
  • Journey into Truth – a 24-episode video program to help understanding of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to encourage people to know Christ personally. 

Note that there is no charge for any of the training and development above. However if any physical resources (e.g. printed books) are to be provided, we may ask for a minimal fee to cover their supply cost to you. 

For more information on training, development and discipleship please contact Bjorn and Lilian on