Spiritual Warfare with Kjell Sjoberg


In 1987, Kjell Sjoberg came to Canberra, Australia for a few weeks to prepare people to pray for spiritual breakthrough in Australia, particularly prior to the opening of the new Parliament House in 1988. Much of this training was recorded on 15 videotapes, and these had been used subsequently in Australia to privately train teams of prayer leaders and intercessors.

Kjell, originally from Sweden, was raised up by God in the 1960s to lead warfare against deep-rooted spiritual darkness there, often from many centuries past, to liberate cities, town and regions in Sweden for evangelisation of the gospel of Christ. He and his wife Lena subsequently went out to European nations and helped prayer teams to do the same in their countries, eventually expanding to many nations across the globe.

Little is available of Kjell’s writing in English (a few papers and published books exist), and there are almost no videos in English except for these recordings from 1987. The videos were transferred to DVDs in the early 2000s, but as the tapes were quite worn by then, the video quality is poor. Nonetheless, Kjell’s teaching is very rich and still relevant today for Spiritual Warfare (and prophetic ministry), and there are many references to events and organisations at that time which are now well-known.

Bjorn and Lilian Schmid were blessed to receive these DVDs in 2010 from Noel and Barbara Bell (former leaders of “Intercessors for Australia”). After viewing them Bjorn and Lilian realised the potential benefits of training others and through Noel and Barbara they obtained permission from Kjell’s wife Lena to use these videos to teach others as part of their mission.

Bjorn and Lilian however waited on God for the right time to use them, and early in 2021, God said “Now!” The first program was run over Zoom with people attending from across Australia, and a few from overseas (Africa and the USA). All who completed the course said they enjoyed it, were challenged by the depth of Kjell’s teaching, and would seek to apply it in their own spheres of influence and their nations.

The Program

Spiritual Warfare with Kjell Sjoberg is a video program run over 15 weeks on-line in Zoom from February through to May each year, usually on Friday nights from 8:30pm and repeated on Saturday morning 9am – Sydney times (note that we skip the Easter week-end).

In each video (except for the team reports) Kjell addresses the titled topic with scripture and personal testimony from his worldwide ministry. Each session builds on the previous sessions – it is important to watch all sessions in sequence and not ‘pick-and-choose’ topics. Prior to each session, those registered for the program will receive reminder emails with the list of scripture references and the Zoom link (and times) for the session.

The Program sessions are:

  1. Soldering for Christ 
  2. The Fighting Spirit 
  3. Training for God’s Army 
  4. The High Places 
  5. Finding Your Place in the Army 
  6. Strategies to Take Cities 
  7. Learning to Do Battle 
  8. War Against Jezebel 
  9. Cleansing the Land 
  10. Guerrilla Warfare 
  11. Elijah Anointing 
  12. Expect Breakthroughs 
  13. Warfare Team Reports (Part 1) 
  14. Warfare Team Reports (Part 2) 
  15. Take Possession of the Land 

Each Zoom session opens with a prayer and the video is started punctually on-time. Most of the videos are over an hour and usually a 5-minute break/intermission is taken around half-way. At the end of the video the host asks the attendees to share for 2-3 minutes what stood out for them in the video and we may discuss this for a bit. We then close with a prayer. There is no pressure on anyone attending, but we encourage everyone to participate as much as they are able – all benefit from all sharing what God has put in their hearts!

To register prior to February, please contact us by email to info@prayerstrategy.org

These sessions are very relevant to today’s battles – as our God is the same, our enemy is also the same, but unlike God who is creative, the enemy does the same things to every generation.

Using Zoom

Note that you access Zoom meetings over the Internet and can do so from most current mobile devices (uses your mobile data connection, or local Wi-Fi if setup to do so) as well as your personal computer (you will need Internet connection, and a microphone to speak). If you want others to see you, you will need to use your phone or tablet camera, or a camera on your PC, but this is optional.

If you have not already used Zoom, we recommend you find someone locally who can help you set it up and show you how to use it – not hard but a bit technical!

Also during the video, we recommend you turn off (mute) your microphone and camera.

Bjorn and Lilian Schmid,
Prayer Strategists and Coordinators,
Prayer Strategy for the Sphere of Influence