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Lilian Schmid
National Coordinator
Prayer Strategy for the Spheres of Influence

Lilian Schmid, National Coordinator
Lilian Schmid, National Coordinator

Bio of Lilian Schmid

Lilian Schmid is a dedicated Christian and an experienced global prayer leader and strategist. 

From 1996 Lilian has engaged with clergy, ministry leaders, and Christians from many areas of life, encouraging them in witness, evangelisation and prayer. She frequently develops individual prayer strategies for a breakthrough in personal and organisations’ healing and transformation. Her dedication to Christ Jesus has led her through a wide range of experiences and challenges, all through which Lilian has kept her humble and confident faith in God’s total love, sovereignty and grace. She knows her prayers are answered as she has seen God act in response every time; always for the best, and often in unexpected ways. 

Born into a Christian home in Lebanon, Lilian experienced first-hand the horrific civil war which ravaged the country for fifteen years. To establish her life away from the destruction, in the early 1990s Lilian immigrated to Australia and worked hard to establish herself as a payroll supervisor in Sydney. A few years later she married an Australian Christian man; Bjorn Schmid. 

In 2003 Lilian became involved with the healing ministry at the Anglican Cathedral in Sydney and was a part of the Healing team there. Subsequently in 2008 she established the Business Women Healing Ministry in Australia with a particular focus on women in the workplace. Forums on Healing and Inner Healing were run across the greater Sydney region on a monthly basis for 4 years, and she still gives talks on Healing across Australia. During these sessions some experienced God’s healing power (in some cases curing different types of cancer) and many came to Christ through her witness, teaching and prayers. 

Between 2007 and 2010 Lilian and her husband Bjorn were a key part of the Australian Marketplace Connections (AMC) ministry which was established in Melbourne, Australia. The AMC vision was that all Christians are a ‘love letter of Christ’ to people in the Marketplace since they spend more time in the ‘Marketplace’ than at home or in church. During this time Lilian and Bjorn established and launched a division for AMC in Sydney, they planned and ran workshops, and involved in successful business events at the NSW Parliament House. 

During 2008, both Lilian and Bjorn experienced a number of divine revelations and encounters with Christ which led them to believe that God wanted them to start something special in Sydney. After much confirmation they established the Transforming Sydney Movement (TS) to bring a fresh vision of unity to the Body of Christ in Sydney. Running hundreds of interdenominational consultation meetings with individual leaders, groups and organisations over many years, Lilian established TS as a known force for unity in Sydney and we saw many local prayer groups develop and grow stronger. In 2011 Transforming Sydney ran a ground-breaking lunch at the NSW Parliament House with a wide range of speakers from across the Body of Christ, and TS was noted in the NSW Parliament during its sitting the following day. Transforming Sydney went on to run a conference on Transformation the following year, and continued doing something new each year as God gave us inspiration.

Since 2009 Lilian Schmid sensed the need for strategic prayer over the influential spheres of our society. In 2012 she established a global ministry called the Prayer Strategy for the Spheres of Influence, with the intention to build a hub of prayer resources and frameworks. The Prayer Strategy has local and global focuses, alternatively describing the spheres as mountains or domains, so that Christians from all communities across the globe are encouraged them to identify the specific Spheres in their societies, and pray for the people and issues in them. 

As an international guest speaker, Lilian joined Dr. Luis Bush (Transform World Facilitator) in Fiji in 2012 to launch Transform Fiji. Lilian led a number of workshops on transformation through the Spheres of Influence in Fijian’s culture, first helping them to identify what Sphere is in their society and then what issues and needs are to be addressed in ongoing prayer.

In 2015 Lilian Schmid also founded the Proclaiming Pentecost movement which started at Pentecost in Newtown, Sydney, and is now running annually in many cities, towns, and nations on all continents of the world, reviving the celebration of Pentecost. 

Currently, Bjorn and Lilian are running monthly prayers for the Spheres of Influence and spiritual warfare courses on Zoom with leaders from across the world. Each leader represents their nation and prays for and supports people who are leading ministries or working in the Spheres of their nation. 

One-on-one, Lilian gives consultation on healing, inner-healing, deliverance, discipleship, intercessory training, and prayer mapping and research. 

Lilian Schmid partners with many local and global organizations, including being a member of the US Prayer Council, a member of the International Prayer Council, a member of the Love 20/20 Mission with American Mission Coalition, and supports the Jesus Celebration 2033 Festival. She also has close connections with the Lausanne Movement and the Transform World organization. Lilian has an Apostolic calling with a good background of theology, philosophy, church history, and business management qualifications.