Privacy Policy

Effective as of 24-March-2024.

Information we may Hold about You

Be assured that the owner and operators of this website (hereafter referred to as the “Owners”) and all the data associated with the website (hereafter called the “Site”) does not seek to capture any of your personal information (hereafter called the “Data”) for the purposes of marketing products and services.

In most cases the only Data we hold about you is an email address.

The Owners do not treat your Data as an ‘asset’ that can be traded or negotiated, and we will not give or sell any Data to other third parties (hereafter referred to as “Others”) for their various purposes.

How we Collect Information about You

In many cases, the Data is compiled by personal contact by us with you (e.g. face to face, phone call, email). In other cases, there are public lists and resources that have been used to collect email addresses that may have been at some time added to the Data, including from the Owners accounts on social media platforms.

At any time, if anyone asks to be removed from the Data, we immediately comply and remove their information and make the best effort to ensure they do not receive any further communication from us.

We do not use any cookies for any purpose on the Site. Nor do we use any external analytics tools to review website traffic or visits. We do not embed or use any advertising or other services run by Others, other than paid web hosting services provided by our hosting provider Crazy Domains at

You may exercise any of your rights in relation to your personal information in our Data by a written notice to us in an email to We urge you, please do not refer us to administrators and blocking sites and such before trying to communicate with us – we do not use ‘bots’ and we do not rely on any automated facilities; our Site and all our Data has been gathered and maintained manually by the Owners in person.

How we may Use Your Information

We The Owners only use your personal information to inform you by email from time to time of what is happening across the body of Christ, and of any needs or guides for prayer.

These messages may from time to time refer to books, conferences, and other resources or events that do charge a fee, but we are not in way trying to convince you to purchase or pay for them – this is only information which may or may not be of interest to you, and which you may or may not be willing to pay for. Whatever your choice, this is your decision and does not affect our relationship with you.

Whenever we volunteer or are asked to connect two or more parties that are in the Data, we first communicated this request to each party separately, and only connect them when the parties agree.

We will not use your email address to contact you for unrelated reasons, and we will not share your email address with any Others without your express permission.

Change of Ownership of the Site and the Data

If at any time the Site or the bulk of its assets are given to another party for their ongoing care, we will not pass on any of the Data without your express permission, except for anything which is already embedded in published articles and posted messages in the Site.

Our overriding intent is that when we pass on or close the Site and any related web sites that the Owners create, the Data will be permanently deleted. 

Changes to this Policy

Any changes to this Policy will be published on the Site, and any updates that affect the Data will be communicated to all parties affected. The default position is always to delete any affected parts of the Data, and should we not received permission from you we will delete all your personal information from the Data.

How You can Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy, or the practices of this Site, please contact the Owners through any methods provided on the Contact page or by email to