Prayers for Families and Marriages

Prayer for Families and Marriages of Leaders

From Gillian Bullock:

Father God we come into your presence today and declare The Glory of Our Lord all around us, we so appreciate your love that has been spread abroad in our hearts, gracious Father hear our prayer this day.

We come before you to lift up our brothers & sisters in leadership, Father much more is asked of them in this calling, we humbly beseech you Lord to guide, fill these leaders with your Holy Spirit that they in turn will bless all that they minister to in the Body of Christ and to those who are yet to be called into your kingdom.

We give thanks for the sacrifices that are made by those in leadership on their families Lord, pray that the families will feel your love in the absence of their own fathers or mothers as they reach out to others.

Gracious Father we ask this in Jesus precious Name,

Daily Prayer Points for Family

From Dennis & Ann Outred – Marriage Week Australia – :

  1. That parents would show the worth of each family member by making their own priorities secondary to the needs of those they serve.
  2. For families that have suffered the recent death of a family member – for healing and comfort.
  3. That parents would teach by example the confidence to say or do what is true, just and right, even when it is inconvenient and a sacrifice, ensuring strong moral character.
  4. For blended families – especially during the holiday season. The children need to know that they are still loved and cared for, and there are boundaries. Each family member still needs to know they have worth.
  5. For families where there is s-s attraction or gender uncertainty. For comfort, wisdom and peace for those family members. That their family would continue to be a place of safety and unconditional love.
  6. That families would learn to avoid words and attitudes that harm others and thereby show consideration, compassion and patience for others.
  7. For families where the couple is of the same gender. They are still made in the image of God and deserve to be treated with love and respect whilst not condoning their relationship in any way.
  8. That families would work together to ensure that social media is not a source of sexual temptation and entertainment is family friendly – the dangers of pornography and infidelity being explained and understood.
  9. For there to be a strong spirit of forgiveness present in each family.
  10. For families in the process of divorce, for healing of past hurts, forgiveness and any children to know that they are not to blame.
  11. For single parents – that they are able to balance their time and manage resources for the benefit of both themselves and their children.
  12. That families would ensure that they regularly sit down and work out a financial budget which is adhered to, unless they agree to vary it because of changed circumstances or need.
  13. That there is a spirit of gratefulness modelled in each family. People respond to praise but not criticism.
  14. That families are places where respect for all others is both taught and modelled– since all are made in the image of God.
  15. For families where a member has special needs – for patience, for strength and that they have and accept the help they need.
  16. That each family member would know that they are loved and valued, and that there is a God in heaven who loves them unconditionally.
  17. For families where one member is in prison – “love covers over a multitude of sins.” John 15:12.
  18. That the obedience of children to their parents would become the norm when they are given wise direction.
  19. That leaders in our governments understand that the strength of the nation depends on the health of the nation’s traditional marriages and consider carefully the impact of any proposed decisions on marriage & family.
  20. That children would honour their father and mother. Joshua 24:15.
  21. That the hearts of fathers would turn to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Malachi 4:6.
  22. For strength for those families experiencing strained relationships – strength to overcome all the difficulties they are facing, and comfort and healing.
  23. For families where substance abuse is present – that the need for help is acknowledged and the correct help received.
  24. That the families of Christians would model family life as shown in the word of God (Ephesians 5).
  25. For families where spouses have extended time away from each other and their family due to work commitments or illness.
  26. That, where possible, families have regular meal times together to talk to & hear from each other.
  27. That families schedule in, where possible, a weekly family night, each member taking turns at choosing the activity.
  28. That husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, unite to focus on relationships in their household and to embody that intentional focus in daily life.
  29. For fatherhood and motherhood to be valued by society.
  30. For de facto couples that they would be drawn into the covenantal relationship of marriage, especially as they see it modelled in families where God is at the centre.

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