Newsletter for 4th Quarter 2017


In this edition…

From the National Coordinators

Our Hearts His Birthplace

“There was heard on earth a sound whose loveliness excelled that of the heavenly choirs soon to invade the lives of sleepy shepherds.”  John Krahn

Celebrating Christmas. Biblical or Heretical?

“Should a Christian honor/celebrate the birth of Christ?”  Johan Lourens


“Rekindle the light of truth in the hearts of men and women throughout the world as we once again focus our hearts on Your humble birth.”  James Winfree

Christmas Greeting from Transforming Sydney

“Let us do the work, let us do the business of being God’s people and show this above all in how much we love one another. We love because he first loved us.”  Peter Robinson


“Whichever way one looks at it, pornography is a growing problem in the church”  Dennis & Ann Outred


“The person who receives Christ goes on to be like Jesus – he/she becomes a disciple….We change from a passive recipient to an active missionary”  Tony Randazzo from notes by Kevin Smith

Proclaiming Pentecost: An Act of Repentance

“Some of the clergy from the region where the celebration was held in the previous year come to pass on the baton and bless the leaders in the next region.”  Lilian Schmid

Sinner to Saint

“It is a big change to go from sinner to saint. It is hard for us to comprehend in our natural mind.”  Howard Koyl

Forget the Lunch: a prophetic recipe for revival

“If we were at all sensitive to the anguished heart of God we would already be broken people, crying out to the Lord with a deep sense of inner emptiness.”  John Yates

Where to Home?

“By now you are likely wondering why you should read any further and are considering what other articles are more interesting, either in this publication or another.”  Bjorn Schmid

Christmas Newsletter

“In Asia, if the house church networks were one denomination (which they’ll never become), their total constituency have become larger than the entirety of all denominations combined.”  David Lim

Be Born in Me (clickable link)

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