Newsletter for 3rd Quarter 2017


In this edition…

From the National Coordinators

Real Hate

“The cross is the one place in history where human beings openly treat God as they think he deserves! But… it is clear that however God hates sin he in no way hates as we do. His intent is never to destroy, but only to heal”  John Yates

From Conversations to Community

“Especially in the suburbs of nearly affordable rental accommodation, there are new arrivals who are isolated from the community by their lack of verbal skills”  Huang Zhi-Wei aka Reg Wong

Marked by Mercy

“By 19, Mark had attempted suicide numerous times and was put into seven drug-induced comas. He was self-harming and prone to violent fits of rage”  from Annette Spurr


“You might see a married couple in a café not really enjoying this opportunity to be together, because one is waiting for the other to stop talking or texting on the phone”  Dennis & Ann Outred

Triumphant Mercy Lebanon – September 2017

“Releasing the local Arabic speaking ministers and creating platforms for the proclamation of the gospel would make a huge impact on the whole population, and eventually prepare a new generation of leaders who would change not only Lebanon but Syria too”  Michel and Nuna Matar

An introduction to African Enterprise

“We desperately need church communities to be praying for the lost in Africa and staying in touch with the incredible, transformative love of Jesus for his people”  Ben Campbell

Always Laboring Fervently, CW4L Well Photos, Samarae Clinic

“Jesus said that if we give them a cup of cold water in His name that we will not lose our reward! I never get tired of sharing these amazing testimonies and photo’s! .”  Rick Rupp

Marriage at Work – 3. Jesus and the Church

“Our eternal destiny is to reign with Christ in the city of God as a loving married couple outworking the ageless purposes of God ”  John Yates

Name Your Price!

“We are still afraid to be totally dependant on God and to trust in in His promise “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.””  Bjorn Schmid

From No Peace to Know Peace

“Since the attacks on Temple Mount, July 14th, the Lord has had my heart gripped and focused on one word, Peace!”  Sue Rowe

Australian Institute of Family Counselling

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