Newsletter for 1st Quarter 2017

PSSI Newsletter 2017 Q1
In this edition…
From the National Coordinators – Daily Prayer Calendar – Pentecost Eve 2017
What Can I Give to the Lord?
“In our ignorance instead of worshipping the creator God we were offering our adoration to mere things and objects, to His creation!” Shivraj Mahendra
No, Not Nothing!
“The first key to an empowered life, where nothing is impossible in God, is submission to the will of God. We must echo Mary – “I am the Lord’s servant!”” Ken Chant
30 Home Truths on Marriage
“When you mess with marriage, everything changes – and suffers. Marriage is the greatest institution in existence to help in the safe rearing of children.” Bill Muehlenberg
Being salt & light in today’s world
“We need to shake off being more-or-less in the permanent state of “Maintenance Mode”, lift our vision and the vision of the body of the church to what is outside the church” Dennis & Ann Outred
God’s Army on the March
“We know that in the secular army you can volunteer or you get conscripted … There are no Volunteers in God’s Army. You may be surprised by this statement, but it is true” Jeffry Camm
How You can Stand in the Gap with Prayer for your Grandchildren
“There is an urgency for the power of prayer to keep the hearts and minds of our grandchildren from falling captive to the enemy’s deception and lies” Lillian Penner
A Time to Dance
“Turning my eyes toward heaven and the beauty around me I began to realise that if my God was real, I needed to let Him show me and take my hands off the wheel” Christine Buckley
Marriage at Work – 1. Failure at the Foundation
“In this unblemished picture of human beginnings no one would be left out and the divinely instituted covenant of marriage would have been the unifying foundation for the extension of the kingdom of God” John Yates
Who’s in Charge?
“Allow His Holy Spirit to re-make you into the person you are meant to be, truly in God’s image, and not imaged according to the standards or expectations of the world or its oppressor, our enemy.” Bjorn Schmid
Welcoming the King of Glory in Washington DC 2017
“We were welcomed by the leaders and intercessors following the protocol that we are welcomed to the land by people of the land and this gives us the right to be part of the intercession there” Geoff & Jenny Armitage
Invite Australia

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