Kingdom of God here on Earth

(from Linda Lam, 29th May 2020)

I had a dream early February 2020.  I was up in the air looking down just before dark. I saw a place down from the mountain top that looked like a Chinese village. The word came in the dream “Kingdom of God here on earth”. The place was surrounded by high cement walls with big and small cracks all over. There was a big ‘V’ shape gap at the front. I saw a troupe of dark soldiers running on the mountain track coming towards the village.

Still looking from the sky above I saw myself suddenly appear in that place and soon after I heard the Lord saying, “Go tell my people! Hide quickly! The enemies are on their way to kill and destroy.”

From the air I saw myself running holding a big white sheet over my head telling others to hide and shouting desperately, “Run, Run, Run, Run quickly and find yourself a place to hide. The enemies are coming.”

Most of them listened and tried their best to find a place to hide. It was dark but there was a source of light from somewhere. The white cover over me lighted up like a white sheet of light.

I then saw XY, a Chinese sister in Christ, still standing there in her pretty costumes. She was in a kind of Chinese performance like a traditional act but there was no audience. Others were doing the same, singing to themselves and absorbed into their own dance, before they started to run and hide.

I asked XY to hide but she did not listen and continue to act or dance.

The enemy came marching in but they could not see me under the cover. I asked XY to follow me. She hesitated but eventually followed me as I ran towards the corner of a building. There was a student table standing against the wall of that building. I sat on the ground next to the four legged table. XY stood beside the desk not sure what to do. I could only pray that the enemy will not come to this corner of the building for there is no way that the table can hide us from the eyes of the enemy.

Just as I prayed suddenly two men in golden army outfit appeared from nowhere. One of them was talking to XY and the other came, saying , “Do not be afraid, I am the angel sent by God.” and as he spoke I saw the white cover that I was using suddenly started to wrap me up like a mummy. The mummy struggled for a little while and went motionless. I saw a white cocoon appeared next to the it as the mummy started to disappear. At that point I woke up very much shaken but relieved.

On waking up the message came… “The Kingdom of God here on earth is twofold, i.e. the heart and the church.”

The lessons drawn from the dream:

1) Protect your heart; 

  • The heart of the believer is the Kingdom of God here on earth where the Spirit of Christ dwells.

2) Do not ignore the hairline cracks; 

  • For they will become a big gap giving a way to the enemy to invade.

3) Do not indulge or be absorbed into your own act; 

  • Beware of what is going on around you.

4) Do not resist the dying to self; 

  • Put off the old and put on the new man: be transformed.

5) Do not be anxious during the time of transformation;

  • The process of transformation takes time just like the transformation of the butterfly.
  • From an egg to a caterpillar; and from a caterpillar to.a pupa then to the butterfly with fully grown wings ready to break the cocoon or chrysalis.
  • When the wings are hardened the transformed butterfly is ready to fly freely in the open air and repeat the reproductive cycle producing the next generation.
  • As Christians, we have to produce spiritual children and teaching them the process of transformation in Christ and to repeat the process of what you have done by God’s mercy and grace.

(Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Emmanuel and Cheers in Christ! 
Ps. Linda Lam, 
Nations and Kingdom Prayer
Angels and Bride Ministry

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