Challenges Encountered within the Spheres 2023

In 2019 and 2022 we published a number of responses to the question “What are the Challenges that are affecting the Spheres of Influence in your city, in your region?” Since the responses to our question last year (2022) a lot has been going on in the world, both in the physical and spiritual, and so this year we again asked this question of people across our network. Below are the responses we received. 

Note that the opinions expressed below are those of each author, and these may or may not align with the opinions of yourself or us. 

From Australia

Brett Ryan – Focus on the Family, Australia 

In summary, the key word is apathy.

There is a general malaise within Christendom for not only a passion for living for Him, but also to live our best lives (best versions of ourselves) The desire to become a better spouse or parent.
For example, we know the need is great (and the pain for that matter) when it comes to healthy relationships, but there is not the hunger. Either to attend seminars, conferences or to learn how to do marriage better. This also applies to parenting.

The church overall does not facilitate these opportunities as often as they should to create a culture of God honouring marriages and families. I am not saying all, but it is frustrating to know that marriages and families are struggling within the four walls of the church let alone outside.

Derek Thompson – Illawarra Prayer Network, NSW, Australia 

  • Family – The lack of love shown by the church for same sex families is having a negative impact on the LGBTQ+ community’s attitude to the gospel.
  • Church (Ecclesia) – Disunity between churches has negatively impacted the church’s proclamation of the gospel to the community.
  • Government and the Military – Scott Morrison’s secretive agreement to buy nuclear submarines shifts the military’s main objective from defence to conducting wars in other parts of the world.
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – Placing competition and profit at the heart of business needs to change.
  • Law and Justice – The skewed representation of aborigines and the poor in gaols shows that justice if not being given to Australia.
  • Religion and Philosophy – The foundations of pagan religious and philosophical beliefs needs to be challenged.
  • Arts – The arts are reflecting a pagan culture. 
  • Education – Education does not encourage inspection of the foundations of our society’s beliefs.
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – Some people are challenging the church’s right to not pay tax based on its contribution to society.
  • Health and Science – Christian beliefs are relegated to the realm of a person’s private life instead of the public realm.
  • Media and Entertainment – Pluralism has relegated Christianity to a position alongside other beliefs.
  • Sport and Recreation – Christian input is only tolerated if Christians keep their private beliefs private.

Ps. Peter Pritchard – Bendigo, Victoria, Australia 

Bendigo is a city with a prophecy over it and at present it’s bound under political whims and immoral viewpoints. 

70 % voted for Same Sex Marriage. 
70 % voted back our state Labor. 
Recently Orthodox Jews conducted a prayer festival in the Peace Garden at the massive Buddhist shrine. 

Greg Bondar – Australia 

The spheres: 

  • Family – The emergence of non-natural families under SSM.
  • Church (Ecclesia) – Loss of confidence in the church and the church going woke.
  • Government and the Military – the influence of woke activists.
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – Lack of Christian ethics & Access to funds and interest rates.
  • Law and Justice – The courts are going left-wing and anti-Christian.
  • Religion and Philosophy – The view that religion is bad and unnecessary promoted by atheists.
  • Arts – totally committed the LGBTIQA+ agenda.
  • Education – totally committed to the LGBTIQA+ agenda.
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – the challenge of who to support and what charity and what cause?
  • Health and Science – Science and the bible are not incompatible, but the left want to promote science.
  • Media and Entertainment – totally committed to the LGBTIQA+ agenda AND Christian viewpoints are ignored.
  • Sport and Recreation – sport has gone woke with transgender people allowed to play in women’s sport. 

Huw Luscombe – Turramurra, Sydney, NSW, Australia 

  • Marriage is a superseded concept which young people are rejecting.
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – We are witnessing the end of Globalisation.
  • Law and Justice – The Family Law court is completely broken. 

Justin Lippiatt MBA MIB GDMngt CMgr FIML MAICD – Queensland, Australia

Youth Justice is a major problem around the nation. It is as a result of a generation who feel there is no hope and no purpose. A contributing factor is single mothers raising children without fathers or having children from multiple fathers. The role of being a father as the head of the home is fading fast and we are seeing huge support for transgender and LGBQRSTUVWXYZplus. This issue overlaps so many spheres. The Lord hates INJUSTICE! So, perhaps that is an area we can pray into across all spheres.

Rev Nicolas Rundle – Uniting Church in Australia chaplain at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia

As a healthcare chaplain employed by a mainstream church I see: 

  • An overburdened health care system.
  • General Practitioners who are tired.
  • Shortage of staff – COVID-19 lays aside staff.
  • A backlog of treatment for ‘elective surgery’. 
  • Ongoing health needs for First Peoples. 
  • Needs for preventative care especially in mental health. 
  • Chaplains and volunteers. 
  • Many who are ill are open to sensitive respectful prayer for healing. 

There are many Christians in the healthcare system as well as people from other faiths who see their work as living out a vocation to care. 

We have a multi racial workforce including many Christians especially from Asia and Pacific Islands. Many carers especially in aged care are from other nations and are Christians. Many find it hard to understand how private faith must be kept. The Church needs to lift up in prayer our multi racial healthcare team. 

From Overseas 

United Kingdom 

Stephen Green – National Director, Christian Voice 

It’s not enough for Western nations like the UK to be under God’s judgment for legalized abortion and gay rights. They are determined to impose these evils on developing nations in the Caribbean and Africa. Wealthy Western foundations and governments are funding local NGO’s lobbying to legalise things the Lord hates. Read the whole shocking story HERE.

The money pouring into Jamaica, for example, should be funding proper health care or economic development. By God’s grace we can reveal the scale of what has been called ‘Cultural Climate Change’. And yes, this one really is man-made! 

The next stage is going to be empowering Christians in the developing world to stand up to such people. They may be awash with money, but the Lord’s people have the Holy Spirit! Please forward this on to your Christian friends. 

“Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” (Matthew 10:26 KJV) 

Dr John Gibbens – Sharing Christ Internationally 

My wife and I are missionaries, and live most of the time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Leeds had a massive move of God in the 1860’s, described in ORR, J. E. 1949. The Second Evangelical Awakening in Britain. London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, page166-167. with crowds of 10,000 and 22,000 being listed. That was Holy Spirit inspired preaching and would have exposed the nature of God, his law, sin, eternal accountability, repentance towards God and saving faith in Christ. 

Today, nothing like that exists. A church will talk of blessing, giving, and all sorts, yet not the above in that clarity. The biggest need of churches is to preach the Gospel, clearly and powerfully. 

Ulaanbaatar, like the whole of Mongolia, Siberia, Central Asia, Japan, Tibet and most of China has never seen any powerful move of God in any way similar to what Leeds saw. 

Steve Botham – Gather Movement, Birmingham, England 

(Steve is part of the Gather Movement – our website has case studies on community impact, on leading and involving spheres, education support and family hubs.) 

My overview is that God is moving his ecclesia to have much more focus on the spheres and move us from the church gathered – looking to our hierarchy – to the ecclesia sent out where all of us are called and equipped. The cost-of-living crisis has been tackled extensively in some places with church, university and local government working together in Southampton – and a good combination of social justice and mission in many cities. 

  • Family – lots of good resources. The Government is funding family hubs – local centres to help build, protect, restore and we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for Christians. Dialogue on going between a range of Christian organisations. Work being undertaken on more preschool preparations. 50% of people take their children to a church led preschool (under 5’s ) group – now looking at how these can be more overtly a blessing and support. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – lots of shaking – churches still, overall losing numbers and energy. But some churches (often where prayer is at the forefront) seeing growth and greater collaboration with other churches. Remarkable openings for church to impact neighbourhoods through food banks and places of welcome (warm places where people can escape cold). The cost of living is impacting us very hard but in turn it is challenging church to open its doors more. More being done on trying to unite the churches – still largely white led but more leaders are recognising God has significantly changed the demographics in the UK and we need to hear and honour other voices who often bring a stronger awareness of prayer, community engagement, and biblical wisdom. 
  • Government and the Military – Government Godless, struggling to survive and out of ideas and energy. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – more awareness of Christians in business. My book – His Kingdom, My Business looks at testimonies of people bringing Kingdom to their work and seeing God move. Others are grasping how important this call is to see Christians change the culture in their workplace through forgiveness, shalom, compassion, justice, mercy, and righteousness. Good to see Christians discovering their call to work and getting others to pray with them. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – John Mark Comer and others helping us understand the changed context and spiritual battle with militant and intolerant secularism. Christians in this changed context need to choose to be distinct – not swallowed up by the prevailing culture. The church is incredibly inefficient and protective – but there is a growing hunger for God which says keeping what has died going is distraction. I am working across faiths – that is the expectation from local government – and this will happen increasingly, but I believe the testimony and innovation of churches will be a witness to other faiths
  • Education – struggling enormously with reduced budgets, demotivated staff (due to Government inaction on pay), reduced resources. I am trustee of Christian Education the main RE supplier in the UK under constant pressure to include humanism and secularism and reduce RE literacy in our schools. 
  • Health and Science – I have been working with the Executive team on Integrated Care Board for Birmingham – they control all health services, hospitals etc for the largest health area in the UK. Health is struggling – it is a political football with significant challenges post covid and insufficient, stressed and underpaid staff, significant waiting lists for care, and an inability to release elderly patients back home due to insufficient home care. Alongside this there is big push to tackle health inequalities with many scandalous issues being addressed (eg why black people five times more likely to have mental health issues). 
  • Media and Entertainment – deteriorating media – almost anything goes. But many high-quality artists and Christians working in all areas. 


Dario Lavermicocca – Evangelist from the Apostolic church in Italy, Trento, Italy 


  • Families are falling apart; parents are losing control over their kids because they are more interested in their career and other needs. Of course, it can change from north to south of Italy but mainly this is. Families lost their roots and vision about family and the kids are most of the time in front of the internet or with private organizations. 
  • Church is growing slowly and most of the people are fascinated by big names and other doctrine that makes Christian life easy or just following miracles instead Who makes miracles. 
  • Government is disappointing, there is corruption, and the people don’t believe in politics anymore. 
  • Arts are not in the Italian culture anymore; people don’t enjoy arts and they find it boring. 
  • Health and science in some places are very good but in the south is going very down and sometimes is difficult to find space and help in the national health system. 
  • Business is not really known, looks like the prices went up and because of many taxes people are struggling. 
  • Sports are something the people find useful and distractive, especially football, even some people took it too seriously. 
  • Charity is something the people are discovering, in this last year the people have been very generous with people in needs, they don’t give money but the buy things and give away very easily, even the life is getting more expensive. 


The Rev. Dr. Duane Alexander Miller, – Spain 

  • Family – CRT is alienating men from women, and more men are not willing or able to get married. Small families are the norm. There is tension between the political left and the traditional family roles in Spain which are largely taken from the Roman Catholic tradition. Many parents do not want their children learning about LGBT issues outside of the home. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – The Roman Catholic Church in Spain continues a gradual and steady decline in attendance but remains an influential factor in social life. Evangelical churches are mostly attended by people from Latin America. Evangelicalism among Spaniards does not appear to be growing. 
  • Government and the Military – Key problems are youth unemployment, a very low fertility rate—which is surprising in a country where family is so important— and increased illegal immigration from the Muslim world and sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – The lockdown for COVID really harmed the economy because so much of it is based on tourism. Fortunately, most all restrictions have been removed and tourism is higher than ever. A drought in part of Spain has negatively affected agriculture. 
  • Law and Justice – The main issues are related to trans-sexual persons and what they must do to officially change their gender on their national ID. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – Spain is stuck in the middle of late modernity without much direction, other than its Catholic heritage which, as I said above, continues to lose steam. There is a sense of purposelessness and nihilism among young people that is distressing. 

United States of America 

Rosemary Winbush, Speaker, Author, Leader, Trainer (SALT), Kairos International, Jacksonville – Florida, USA 

We must begin to understand the true purpose of family and God’s original plan. As we gain understanding, we must be intentional about building better families from a foundational perspective. That’s why this is a huge part of my calling. Ministry and mentorship to husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children and youth must be a priority to the church, community, and to us individually. 

A healthy, spiritual family is the incubator for building the Kingdom, community, nations, and world. What we produce in our homes will determine the type of world we produce for The Lord. 

Renee Fortin – USA 

  • Family under attack due to severe abortion laws being introduced in Maine, after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – The woke church, preaching of false doctrine, seeker sensitive, or no belief in gifts of (the) Spirit or 5-fold (ministry). 
  • Government and the Military – The Government in the U.S. I believe has usurped its position of authority which is theft. Maine Government tyranny and socialist ideologies. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – There has been an overabundance of regulations causing many businesses to crumble. 
  • Law and Justice – Many D.A.s, S.O.S, and other corrupt people have been installed through Soros money in these arenas, they are for criminal justice reform and in Maine, our Speaker of the House is for prison abolition. 
  • Education in Maine and U.S. are under severe attack with the perversion, porn books being pushed on students in schools, school boards are woke, and many transgendered. People are rising to fight, speak out, and petition for school board members to resign or be removed. Even young people are speaking at board meetings, this past week, an 11 year old and 16 year old. 
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – There are sanctuary cities in Maine and much welfare going out, even to illegal aliens who are storming our State. 
  • Health and Science – This mountain destroyed the health care industry, families, etc. The so-called science is killing people. 
  • Media and Entertainment – Media is working with evil, trying to silence truth, gaslighting and accusing those who speak truth and are on the right of doing the very evil the left is doing. 
  • Sport and Recreation – Women are forced to compete against male transgenders, and many are losing scholarships. 

Dr. Scott Turansky – National Center for Biblical Parenting,, USA 

Our Family Sphere team is meeting later this month in Chicago from India, Malaysia, and the USA. Here are some of our responses to your question about the global challenges faced in Family Ministry: 

  • Over-worked parents who feel overwhelmed with parenting, struggle in their marriage, and feel like they are just barely holding it all together. 
  • Over-worked pastors who feel overwhelmed with pastoring, struggle in their own marriages and families, and feel like they are not equipped to lead where they are not going themselves. 
  • Over-worked teens who find it more palatable to cobble together a worldview from video teaching on YouTube than being handed “stale” truth from church that doesn’t connect with their lives (the “relevance” gap). 
  • The changing nature of the family: The traditional nuclear family structure is becoming less common, and the church is grappling with how to minister to families of all different types, such as single-parent families, blended families, and families headed grandparents. 
  • The rise of secularism: Many societies are becoming increasingly secular, and this is having an impact on families and their involvement in the church. The church is becoming an add-on if we have time. 
  • The impact of technology: The proliferation of technology, especially social media, is having a significant impact on families and their relationships. 
  • The rise of mental health issues: The increase in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are affecting families and the church needs to be equipped to address these issues. 
  • The challenge of reaching the next generation: The church is facing a challenge in reaching the next generation and engaging them in family ministry. 

GA – Bedford, Texas, USA 

  • Family – Many in our area are dysfunctional. Large swaths of false religions and occultism. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – I sincerely do not know one (possibly one) man in our entire community that could qualify as a Biblical elder. A lot of occult bondage; elevation of nonessentials as essential doctrine. 
  • Government and the Military – corrupt local government; a sense that much of the state is corrupt. 
    Trade and Finance (Business) – businesses are struggling. 
  • Law and Justice – a belief that there is little [of this] in our community. The thinking is that if people belong to the Mormon establishment in good standing, their wrong behaviors are ignored. Ranchers also have priority. As do the reservations. We personally have seen too much injustice. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – Our area is predominantly Mormon and Catholic. And the Protestant churches largely are failing. The healthiest church is the Calvinist church. Not a Calvinist, I do like the pastor. But I don’t think evangelism is a priority there since ‘the elect will make it regardless’. 
  • Arts – Little to none in our area. I work on my own writing but have no interest from any direction, no support outside my own family. 
  • Education – We have one government grade school. I don’t think it is doing well. Others bussed out of the area. Some homeschooling.
  • Charity and Not for Profit – Many are on assistance. But not much else in our community. There is a food bank, but it is failing.
  • Health and Science – The closest hospital and medical is about an hour away. This is an unhealthy population, in my opinion.
  • Media and Entertainment – Bingo and booze, neither of which attracts me, no. 
  • Sport and Recreation – none in our community that I am aware of. The kids can bus to neighbor cities.

Greg Lamb – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA 

A disdain for the homeless is the #1 problem socially in my area. 

Homelessness has sharply risen over the past three years due to Covid with policy makers spinning media coverage to make it seem that the authorities have helped the homeless since they are no longer visible in the woods and tent communities, but instead of helping these folks they have merely run them off, so they don’t have to see them anymore. This worsens an already tragic situation and treats human beings like unwanted trash. Ephesians 1:7. 

David Bachoroski, President at Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Assn., Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Assn. – Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 

The biggest challenge we have as a church is our doubt and unbelief. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, and when we begin calling flesh and blood the enemy, we are battling the wrong thing. 

Marc White, GM, Walk Worthy Ministries, The Servant Group, Business Consulting – Central Florida, USA 

  • A total misidentification of the true identity of God worldwide led by the foolishness of western church leaders. 
  • Thus, a wholesale lack of the proper fear of God. No terror for offending the Creator. 
  • Thus, Mammon worship all in the name of false “stewardship.” 
  • Producing the ‘kill-your-enemy’ doctrine to preserve and grow treasures on earth. 
  • Most folks, including church people, are busy-lazy…frenetic lives filled with inconsequential nonsense that promotes spiritual laziness
  • Pray (beg and beseech) for an awakening to the true gospel message: repent or perish, then unabashedly obey the life of Christ in its entirety for this is true eternal agape…Mark 1:1. 

Phil Miglioratti, Reimagine.Network – USA 

My focus is on the Church, the Body of Christ: 

  • Resistance to finding ways to express the unity all Christ-serving congregations…we override the call for unity to preserve our theological brand
  • Fear of change based on prioritizing and preserving our comforting traditions, customs, worship-styles. 
  • In a sincere attempt to relate to an increasingly secular world, we have adopted business models and adapted entertainment techniques, resulting in a corporate leadership structure that produces CEO style leaders. 
  • We extend our belief of scriptural inerrancy to our interpretations and applications, causing us to consider our views on politics as equally inerrant
  • We have forgotten that sins are the result of a diseased soul…Sin is an ungodly worship of self, the desire to be independent of God, and the pursuit and prioritization of need to the point of addiction. We are saved from the sting of sin but need the filling of Holy Spirit to battle the symptoms of sin

C S, Freedom and Justice Issue – USA 

The following are the challenges: 

  • Family – Either the church gives too much importance on prioritizing Families or gives zero importance. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – The church acts as the boss in many families. Pastors are like mini kings or mini gods. No one can speak against them even if they are in error. So, when one speaks, they end up leaving the church and starting a new one. So, there are hundreds of churches in certain areas while none in many areas. Non-Pastoral roles are looked down. 
  • Law and Justice – Too much emphasis on love while nil on justice. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – Christianity is too westernized and totally irrelevant for the locals. 
  • Education – Urban Christians do study, while the rural Christians for the majority do not even pass the high school and the church seldom encourages it. 
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – Money making business. 
  • Sport and Recreation – The church encourages it, but the challenge the industry is filled with alcohol and drugs and so even the Christian youth fall into it unless they play within the church community. 


Rev. Ron Nikkel, Anglican priest – Canada 

Pray for the church in North America. 

Particularly the churches and Christian communities located in rural areas.
Most of our congregations are older people. Young people are not attracted to the church, and most are leaving for urban areas for education and where there are more opportunities for employment. 

As a result, many churches are shrinking and a large number are simply closing down which leaves a growing number of communities without a church of any kind. 

Pastors and priests also are not attracted to work in small communities because the pay is low and most of them look for churches and parishes in larger communities. Pray for the Lord to raise up workers and leaders for the church in rural communities. 

South Africa 

Dr Reuben van Rensburg, Project Director,  Re-Forma – South Africa 

  • Family – Only 30% of all children in South Africa live with both biological parents. The influence of transgenderism is beginning to have a negative effect in some families. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) – The influence of TBN is very evident in some quarters. Animism and consultation with departed elders are still rife. Traditional practices create tremendous pressure on church-going Christians. 
  • Government and the Military – State-capture has stripped the country of much of its wealth. State-owned enterprises are generally failing, especially Eskom. Corruption at the highest level and crime are rampant. Factions within the ruling party have had a very negative effect. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – It is difficult to attract investment when there is much negativity, especially load-shedding, which is the system implemented to rotate the periods when the country cannot supply enough power. This will be with us for at least the next two years and has had a devastating effect. Each day we are without electricity for between 2.5 and 10 hours! Our unemployment rate is over 30%. 
  • Law and Justice – The justice system has remained strong. The Police service is not able to cope with the high levels of crime and sometimes some of its staff are involved in the corruption. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – The church has remained strong, but the mainline churches succumb more and more to liberal influences, e.g. the LBGT movement. 
  • Education – There is a significant gap between rich and poor. Those that can afford private schools often choose to send their children there. Urban government schools are reasonably good, but in the rural areas it is not great. 
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – Reasonable. 
  • Health and Science – See Education (above). 
  • Media and Entertainment – Access is reasonably good for those who can afford it. Pay TV is good. The entertainment industry has gone through a difficult time, especially with Covid. 
  • Sport and Recreation – Good standard in most sports. 

Johan Lourens – South Africa 

Please pray for and add to the prayer guide. 

  • Government and the Military – South African Government. Currently 60% of Government officials are corrupt and our military are only 35% sufficient. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) – People are suffering due to the pandemic and unemployment. 
  • Law and Justice – Pray against bribing and corrupt system. 
  • Religion and Philosophy – That the true church stands up and become church again and not people pleasing businesses. 
  • Arts – Influence on children through arts. 
  • Education – Home school community. 
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare – For integrity and true leaders. 
  • Health and Science – Better systems in government hospitals and people of integrity. 
  • Media and Entertainment – Against manipulation through fear. 
  • Sport and Recreation – Against manipulation through sport quotas and excluding players on skin colour. 


Confidence Murphy – Nigeria 

The truth is that in my country Nigeria, there are so many challenges citizens are facing. In fact, I will not call it challenges but rather crisis. For eight years now, my country has been going one crisis to another. We have a security crisis, financial crisis, educational crisis, religious crisis, health sector crisis. I cannot name them all. 

Security crisis – the rate citizens are being killed on a daily basis is alarming. There is a lot of killing by terrorists, the police, army, unknown gun men and to crown it up, there is a-lot of kidnapping all over Nigeria. This security crisis is one of the major cause of people running out of the country. 

Financial crisis – we citizens of Nigeria cannot afford three square meals. It is very difficult for citizens to feed themselves. In fact, we don’t buy food anymore but rather we buy money. The government and banks refused to allow us to collect our little money we deposited in bank. This has caused many people to take their own life. There are no days people are not jumping into the sea or running under moving vehicles. 

Education – many of our children spend eight years in university over a course that will take them four years and those who could not wait are dropped out. Our children that are in public schools are finding life difficult. But those who are ruling us, their children attend the best schools overseas. In fact, to be honest, our education system is zero and if the issues facing education system in Nigeria is not addressed, in next few years, the Nigerian children will lose interest in studying. 

Religious crisis – this is not a new thing in Nigeria. The Christians are the victims of religious killings in Nigeria, and nothing has been done about it and it has rooted so deep in Nigeria. Christians are being killed without no reasonable reason by our brothers of the other mate. 

Health sector is nothing to write home about. The failed health system in Nigeria has sent a lot of people to their early grave. We can’t access good medical treatment here and only the rich ones receive good medical treatment. It is too difficult for the masses to receive good medical treatment.

There is no good road, no light, and no good water. 

I will not forget to mention that the relief material sent to Nigeria to help the needy ones does not reach them but rather it ends ups with wrong people who takes everything as business. 


Wycliffe (Makanga) Wamoyo, Programme Manager at NGO 

  • Family – Family break-ups. This has been common here. Some have experience divorce, violence, and murders. 
  • Church (Ecclesia) –
    • Splinter groups,
    • Closures,
    • Lack of revival,
    • Unanswered prayers,
    • Poor infrastructures,
    • Poor and ill equipped and untrained ministers,
    • Threats from opponents,
    • Nepotism,
    • Sexism and patriarchy,
    • Christian nationalism,
    • Gender and sexual diversity,
    • Religious trauma and spiritual abuse,
    • Conflict between world view and bible,
    • Behaviours,
    • Exclusivism of Christianity. 
  • Government and the Military –
    • High inflation,
    • Low GDP,
    • Poor leadership without vision,
    • Few servants’ leadership,
    • Drought,
    • Disasters,
    • Corruption,
    • Weak governances,
    • Poverty increase,
    • Lower public investment,
    • Dictatorship on rise. 
  • Trade and Finance (Business) –
    • Global uncertainty,
    • Imbalance trade,
    • Poor transport,
    • Inadequate capital,
    • Small scale traders,
    • Unreliable finance institution. 
  • Law and Justice –
    • Police recruitment,
    • Role of Kenya police in society,
    • Corruption,
    • Drug trafficking,
    • Serious and organized crime,
    • Human right violations,
    • Terrorism. 
  • Religion and Philosophy –
    • Doctrines,
    • Unsound teaching not based on the bible,
    • Extremism,
    • False prophets. 
  • Arts –
    • Finding aspiration and motivation,
    • Self-trust,
    • Keeping up with talent,
    • No response,
    • No sales plans,
    • Capital,
    • Skills. 
  • Education –
    • Poor academic results,
    • High dropouts,
    • Early teenage pregnancies,
    • Drug and substance abuses,
    • Inadequate learning facilities and materials,
    • Poor school infrastructure. 
  • Charity and Not for Profit Welfare –
    • Limited funding from government,
    • Stable income and accurate budgeting,
    • Pressure to show results and strategic solutions,
    • No running profits,
    • Registration limited and barriers,
    • Changes in laws and regulation,
    • Economic recessions,
    • Rising taxes,
    • Changes in social media platforms. 
  • Health and Science –
    • Poor designs,
    • Poor response to demographic and related requirement,
    • Change in technology,
    • Slow adaptation of information technology innovations,
    • Cybersecurity,
    • Telehealth implementation,
    • Invoicing and payment,
    • Price transparent mandate,
    • It investment,
    • Patience experience,
    • Effective payment models,
    • Hospital staffing shortages. 
  • Media and Entertainment –
    • Lack of transparency,
    • Compliance with laws and regulations,
    • Respect of taxation,
    • Hurts and threats for workers in media,
    • Data privacy,
    • Licensing requirement,
    • Copyright and privacy issues. 
  • Sport and Recreation
    • Failure to reach optimal performance during competition,
    • Poor movement abilities,
    • Lack of proper fitness,
    • Poor skill development,
    • Poor habits for over performance of winning,
    • Untrained and unrefined skills. 


Elavatta Abraham – India

India needs prayers for: 

  • Religious freedom and the constitutional rights to continue. 
  • Caste system need to be abolished. 
  • Low caste and downtrodden people need to be uplifted. 
  • Freedom of media to remain. 
  • Persecution against pastors and Christian activities to be minimized. 
  • We are praying to develop a city church. Please pray for a good piece of land and needed fund. 
  • Vision of hospitality ministry among the Buddhist. 

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  1. 17/06/2023 at 11:27 am

    Very helpful religious view from the current global dynamics.

  2. 10/06/2023 at 12:42 pm

    I believe The Father is calling us back to pray “If My people who are called after My name” [2 Chronicles 7:14a]. We have allowed the world into the church, because we failed to take church which the Light to the world.
    God is calling us back to Him so that HE will send us to a hurting and confused world.
    So that there will be that says “THE Lord in the Church” and [goes out] to the world.
    Thanks for you who are at the cutting edge and who are calling us to call others, who are waking us to awaken others.
    God bless you all
    Moses (Moise)

  3. 02/06/2023 at 6:37 am

    It’s great to be part of a larger community of Christians, eager to make a difference in a decaying world. I’m grateful for all of the comments and for the contributions made above. Thank you.

  4. 27/05/2023 at 10:26 am

    Certainly, a lot to be concerned about – however we must determine which Kingdom we are in or desire to serve – the kingdoms of the world ruled from satan’s influence, being the prince of the air and giver of authority over kingdoms, as he stated to Jesus in the wilderness ‘bow down the me and I will give to you the kingdoms of the world’ –
    OR the Kingdom of God which has the greater power and is the Light to the World in all its darkness – we need to be in the world, with our mission being to ‘save the lost’ ‘the only prerequisite to His return along with biblical fulfilment of prophecies concerning ‘end time’ I understand that –
    Habakkuk tells us that the Word of the Lord is ‘the whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God” – checking in on Ch 1. we read of Habakkuk living in very challenging times with a cry “God why do you let me live and see all this evil and do nothing about” then concludes in Ch 3: though the fig tree does not blossom and there be no fruit etc. yet will I rejoice in the Lord – the world is in a troubled and evil state with the spirit of lawlessness growing across nations, we as the Christian Church are in many cases shut out from providing Godly counsel, so our prayer must include: Lord give us wisdom like Joseph – like Daniel and so many others in their time to demonstrate His Glory and bring the mind of God into every arena that we can access – so much to say, just a few thoughts!

  5. 26/05/2023 at 2:57 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. 26/05/2023 at 7:10 am

    May l add that a sound monetary system is key to any successful society. Without sound Money society collapses, this has always happened throughout the ages.

    The moment a Government starts to de-base it’s currency the society falls apart. Currency debasement is a clear sign of moral and spiritual decline.

    The Byzantine empire survived for 800 years on a gold silver standard until they started to debase their currency and soon after the civilisation collapsed.

    This began in the West in 1971 and recent Covid currency creation was a final sign our society was at the end of this cycle.

  7. 26/05/2023 at 6:51 am

    The world certainly has lots of problems and challenges, but has it ever been any different. Each generation has its challenges.

    In past generations it’s been famine, pestilence, wars, world wars, depressions, stock market collapses, revolutions, evil dictators, slavery, massive migration changes, climate instability, spiritual apostasy etc.

    Everytime the world gets to a very low level of depravity, Christians start praying and God answers according to his promise in 2nd Chronicles 7: 14

    Many believe Israel has an important impact on global events especially in the church. What happens in Israel and to the Jewish people seems to reverberate around the world.

    In May of 2023 millions of people have been praying and fasting for Israel, this is not a coincidence.

    It looks like we are at another pivotable point in history and a movement of global prayer suggests God is on the move.

  8. Rev.Ananda Baroi
    25/05/2023 at 8:27 pm

    Well, this world would never be the better one as the Word of God said, rather it is going to be worse. However, Church as the light of the World need to be Shine. Church should passionately make the true disciples, no matter the person is (she/or he) serving as pastor or minister or in a sculler job. Every believers should be discipled.

    • 25/05/2023 at 11:09 pm

      Exactly right Rev Ananda

    • Eunice Embury Johnson
      27/05/2023 at 6:54 pm


  9. 25/05/2023 at 7:34 pm

    Pastor Antony Shimenga, Coordinator Kenya kneels ?? down repentance prayers

    We as a nation needs to intensify our prayers globally in order to overcome the challenges affecting our churches and nations, and when we started our repentance prayers for Kenya last year in June as we were preparing for our August elections, we repented because of blood shed on our land during elections and as it’s written in 2 Chronicles 7:13-16 God heard our prayers and healed our country ?? from blood shed in the name of elections.

    Today we now have Africa Kneels, America Kneels and Australia Kneels repentance meetings calling upon the Lord to remember these nations.
    Our website
    Let’s keep prayers going up to the Almighty God.

    Thanks for your input and welcome – we work together in this noble task to restore the church in Jesus name amen.
    Pastor Antony Shimenga Muyeka
    KENYA ?? kneels down repentance coordinator

    • 25/05/2023 at 7:59 pm

      Thank you for your input Ps Antony
      God bless you

  10. Kevin
    25/05/2023 at 6:52 pm

    Greetings in Jesus name…for sure the world is very confused. And I’m praying if we can join hands together so that we can come out and make the light shine it will be good.
    So what is the wayforwad ?

    May you be blessed all

    • 25/05/2023 at 7:53 pm

      Yes we need to be united in Prayer brother Kevin.
      God bless you and thank you

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